Work Smarter  Not Harder

A full service pest control solution designed exclusively for property managers.

Save time

No more hunting down bids and having to following up with tenants and pest control vendors.

Increase profits

Property managers with Cover save 4-6 hrs/month and generate over $1000 in new revenue per month.

Don't Worry, it's Covered

Whenever a pest infestation happens, we'll cover it! We'll send you a report at the end of the month letting you know which properties were serviced. No more extra fees, vendor vetting, or price shopping 🤘.

How it works

  • Add Cover Pest to your existing resident benefit package, owner benefit package or as it's own stand-alone amenity.
  • Residents now have access to world class pest control at a fraction of the normal price. No need for new software or complicated setup.
  • When a pest issue arises, residents contact Cover Pest directly, we solve the issue and send you a report. There are no additional fees or costs! Claims can be submitted via our website, phone call or text message.
  • You don't have to spend time finding vendors, getting bids or fighting over who is responsible for the bill. Cover will verify that the work was completed and that the property is pest free!

Who it's for?

  • Property Management companies with a minimum of 50 units under management.
  • Property Management companies that want to save time and add a great service for their tenants and owners.
  • Property Management companies that are looking to maximize owner returns and give great customer service.
  • Property Management companies focused on growth.
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"Before partnering with Cover, we always had an awkward conversation between Owners and Tenants as to who was responsible to contact and pay for pest control. Cover has taken that awkward conversation away.  Tenants contact Cover as needed and they take care of their pest control issues.
This has greatly helped increase the productivity in our office."

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Features you get with Cover

We're your full-time pest pro

Getting and fullfilling work orders takes time and money. Tenants contact us directly and we schedule and perform services. No having to collect money or bill property-owners.

Reports Sent Each Month

We'll keep you in the loop so you know which properties have received service and for what pest issues. Owners love having another set of eyes on their properties!

Guaranteed Results

We respond within 24-48 hrs so you can rest easy knowing that the pest issues will be resolved quickly and at no extra cost to you or the property-owner.

Easy Scheduling For Tenants

Tenants can reach us via online scheduling, text or phone call. We want to make it as easy as possible to have their problems solved.
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Property Management
"Cover has been a win-win-win solution. Our owners love that they never get stuck with a pest bill again, we love it because we don't have to worry about the price of a pest job anymore they just get it done and send us the report, and our tenants love it because their issues are taken care of ASAP."

Frequently Asked Questions

Happy Tenants & Owners

In the event of a pest infestation, tenants simply request a service via our online portal - we take care of the rest at no added cost! Tenants enjoy a more robust benefits package and pest free convenience, owners enjoy sustained property values, and enjoy increased cash-flow.

How To Start Coverage

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Full Feature List

Included On All Projects
Real Time Notifications
When it comes to online leads - speed is the name of the game. Get real time notifications when someone requests a
quote or call back.
Service Reports
Making simple changes to your site should be easy ... now it is. With a few simple clicks and no website building experience you can change text, images and more on your site.
Online Portal For Tenants
Contacting you is easy with Click To Call and Click To Text. Potential customers can call or text you directly with one click.
Usage Reports
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Fast Response Time
Get more 5 star reviews and handle any unsatisfied customer internally. We'll even help integrate our Auto Review App with whatever software you use...for free.
Easy Scheduling
Once your site is exactly how you want it we'll schedule a 1 on 1 walkthrough with out team to answer questions, show you how to use the visual editor and integrate the Auto Review App™ with your software of choice
100% Secure Storage of Customer Lists
Your website visitors deserve a safe and secure browsing experience. Not to mention google now favors sites with complete SSL protection. Ever site we build exceeds Google's SSL standards.
Monthly Auto Pay
With nearly 90% of searches done on mobile phones a tablets we build every single one of our sites to look stunning on all phones and tablets.
Free Onboarding Support
When people search google for what you offer you want to show up as often as possible. All of our sites come with SEO performance built in.

Cover Pest is a first-class pest control service designed exclusively for Property Managers

Cover Pest is a first-class pest control service designed exclusively for Property Managers

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