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On Demand Pest Control is subject to your residential lease agreement and is an innovative pest control service powered by Cover Pest that provides an effective, reactive, and targeted approach to pest control.  The service allows for up to four (4) reactive services within a 12-month period, each including a 30-day warranty, with all requests subject to review by Cover Pest. Any reference to “you” or “your” refers to you as the Tenant.

To Request Service:
Simply visit CoverPest.com to request service and include your full address with unit number, a valid phone number, and email address. Duplicate requests will be cancelled. Cover Pest will primarily communicate via text and email.

Coverage Information
Your coverage package only covers the pests included as listed in your service agreement per your residential lease agreement. You are responsible to communicate with Cover Pest and the service technician to schedule service. You will be charged any and all fees imposed by Cover Pest and/or the service providers if service is refused, you fail to allow entry to the property, or a person 18 years or older is not present at the scheduled date and time. All questions regarding your pest control service should be communicated to Cover Pest directly via email at h, unless otherwise directed by Cover Pest.

You acknowledge the responsibility to report all visible pests at www.coverpest.com, whether or not the pests are included in your coverage plan. Your failure to initiate the request for service at www.coverpest.com will result in an inability to provide service for which you may be held financially responsible.

Different pests require different treatments. You understand that multiple treatments, inspections, sanitization, proofing, and/or exclusion of entry points, the treatment of adjacent units, and other considerations may be required, some of which may not be included within your coverage plan. and may be treated at your sole expense.  Cover Pest will communicate with all parties and you agree to promptly support all needs outlined in the correspondence received, and to allow access as required. Neither Landlord, Cover Pest, nor the contracted service provider are liable for any incurred expense by you for said periods of time requiring you to vacate the property for treatment of all pests. Landlord, Cover Pest, and the contracted Service Providers will make every effort to reduce inconveniences in remediation. You understand the necessary protocol varies based on the type of pest and necessities therein.

Cover Pest is a first-class pest control service designed exclusively for Property Managers